Staff Development Days for College teachers provide continuing education of those who teach our students. For our teachers, their education and development mean better informed and empowered teachers.

At Hastings Secondary College we are a community of learners and that includes our teaching and support staff.

At the beginning of term, teachers participated in learning and growing at four sessions; a workshop by the Resilience Centre, Edu Change : Leading Future Learning, Positive Behaviour for Learning and workshops on the Effective use of ICTs.

The reliance training was provided by the Resilience Doughnut and gave insight into the understanding of the adolescent resilience model and how that model is embedded into our campuses. Teachers learnt how to measure resilience and wellbeing and became aware of early intervention and monitoring techniques.

The training equipped staff with a greater understanding of how they can use this strengths-based model approach to build a more resilient workplace.

The second session was around Positive Behaviour for Learning. Positive Behaviour for Learning is an evidence-based whole school process to improve learning outcomes for all students. It helps schools to develop consistent systems and the process in relation to behaviour.

The outcomes are to build academic, social-emotional and behavioural achievements for all students which are gathered through data to implement best practices to support our students.

The third area was around the Leading of Future learning - looking at Innovative practices in programing in Project Based Learning was held at Lake Cathie with teachers across the HVCS and run by International presenters Edu Change

Lastly, staff looked at the effective use of ICTs in the classroom including the setting up and resourcing of on line Class Notebooks, increasing productivity in staff and students and embedding assessable ICT tasks.