Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller joined the staff of Hastings Secondary College in Term 1 2019 as Deputy Principal Port Macquarie Campus.

Kelly is married with one child and lives on a small farm at Pappinbarra.

Kelly has fond memories of Port Macquarie Campus having worked at the Campus in the '90s.  She is excited once again to be provided the opportunity to work with staff,  students and parents to help support students to be the best they can be and to support this community to develop our students to realise their potential in an environment we all enjoy.

Kelly has been teaching since 1986 and has worked in six schools including teaching overseas as an Australian Volunteer. Outside of the campus grounds, you will find her snorkeling and bushwalking. 

She describes the most important moments in her life as having a child, working in a developing country, laughing with friends and family... and she really enjoys a great laugh.

As a veteran teacher, Kelly brings a wealth of expertise.

She has a collaborative approach and admits this has taken some time to develop.

Kelly's objectives in her role as Deputy will be to build respectful relationships with colleagues, students and parents to work together as one. 

She is honest and upfront about seeking an understanding of others' views and perspectives to help develop a shared vision and to find a solution. The best solutions come from the collective input of the group she says.

Her advice to teachers is to be kind to yourself; it is easy to be too critical of yourself. Kelly believes  that relationships with students are key.

Sometimes it is not easy to discuss a child's challenging behaviours with parents. No one wants to hear that their child could be doing it better. What parents will always receive is a respectful approach and understanding as she knows only too well the difficulty of bringing up teenagers.

Kelly's shared vision for the College and Campus is that all students love attending school and all teachers love working for the best outcomes of the students. She is committed to leading and developing that vision to provide authentic learning experiences for students to develop them to become the best version of themselves. She is keen to provide parents with the sense that they feel their child is nurtured to develop to their potential.

Kelly is passionate about encouraging that culture and is excited by the future of the campus and imparting her love for learning and education where all students also love attending school. She looks forward to meeting and working with you.