The Girls

WASCALS (Westport Aware Students of Cancer and Leukemia Sufferers) volunteers at Westport Campus held a fundraiser for the fight against cancer on Friday 23rd August 2019. This is an annual event where WASCALS visit the six Hastings Valley Community primary schools and Kendall Public School to hand out daffodils to students in Kindergarten and Year 6 in exchange for a gold coin donation.

This year WASCALS raised $1,500 on Daffodil Day for the Cancer Council. Money raised from Daffodil Day will help fund research and much needed support programs. Daffodil Day is the largest fundraising event for cancer research and patient support in the Southern Hemisphere and is a day to support everyone who has been touched by cancer and to give hope for a cancer-free future.

The visits to the primary schools are not only about raising money, but also about raising awareness. Students were encouraged to ask questions about Daffodil Day, how daffodils symbolize hope and about what can be done for people who suffer from cancer.

A big thank you to all the WASCALS volunteers who participated in this event: Britney Bosschieter, Jennifer Cooper, Laura Court, Rachael Macleod, Jessica Pickering, Imogene Salt, Charlotte Salt, Jessica Settle, Tahlia Sheather, Rebecca Thomas and Destiny Thompson. Also a big thank you to Mrs Stewart and Mr Parkin who supported the day by taking students to the primary schools.