Taikio Drumming

Taiko is inherently a disciplined art-form, a cross between music and martial arts. It involves rhythm, choreographed movement, and co-ordinated "kakegoe" shouts, helping to develop brain-hand-eye coordination. The verbal notation is used to teach rhythms, which aids students to relate words with sounds and movement.

Through taiko, students were able to develop their concentration and focus, especially by working towards a final performance.

The workshop began with a short introduction to the traditions & cultural background to taiko, which provides a valuable insight into another culture. Learning taiko encourages students to be open to new thinking and ideas. The students learnt the basics of stance and bachi grip with warmups, leading into the learning of rhythmic patterns.

Taiko is drumming with the whole body, involving both movement & energy, and is very good exercise. The physicality of the art-form means that it serves as a stress-reliever and improves physical and mental well-being.

The workshop encouraged teamwork between students. The very nature of taiko is that teamwork is necessary, and students must work cooperatively in order to create a piece of music as a whole co-ordinated team.

Students found the workshop both relaxing and challenging at the same time.  They enjoyed the workshop immensely, and the positive effects of the experience remain with them for a long time.