COAL scores have recently been collected. We particularly congratulate those hard-working students who received a 9 (Excellent) or 10 (Outstanding) COAL score average this term. These results will be sent to parents in the next week.

The College Ongoing Attitude to Learning (COAL) score, is a method of providing regular feedback to parents / carers, on their child’s application to the learning process. While semester reports have, and will continue to, provide information to parents / carers on student efforts in class, the COAL score initiative is a supplementary method of providing more regular feedback.

We strongly encourage parents to utilise this opportunity to have a discussion with both their child and with their child’s teachers, constructive advice on how their children can strive for the highest standards in their learning. Many parents have also successfully linked home based rewards and privileges to their child’s COAL score, or where relevant, the improvement of this. We strongly encourage parents / carers to consider this and the other potential opportunities provided by the COAL score approach.

Should you have any questions regarding either the nature or implementation of this process, we strongly encourage you to contact the respective Campus Deputy Principal for further clarification. We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of our parent community and look forward to working with you to support your child in striving for the highest standards in their learning.

Mr Geoff Duck Deputy Principal (Years 7,9 & 11)

Mr Damien Huens Deputy Principal (Years 8, 10 & 12)