Two boys

The Clontarf staff this week have focused on safety and access to learning resources during this challenging week as we see the Coronavirus spread internationally.

As Indigenous families and communities are some of the most at-risk people within Australia in terms of health, it has been recommended to all academy members to stay at home to help ‘flatten the curve’ of the virus. We wish to keep the boys and their direct and extended family members as safe as possible during this time.

The staff have been checking-in with academy members day by day to see how they are going, both personally, and with their school work progress. Those who do not have access to online learning at home, have been delivered learning packs so that they have a hard copy to work on as they days go by. A big thank you to all of the teachers that have put these online and hard-copy learning resources together!

Clontarf staff across Australia are developing alternative ways to support and continue to engage with their young men during unprecedented times of international crisis.