Clontarf Home Work 1

The Clontarf program has shifted focus in the last two weeks towards supporting the young men with regular phone check-ins, learning support, and engagement via a ‘Clontarf Home Challenge’. The boys are awarded points for sending photos of completed school-work and videos of a bi-weekly competition. This week the challenges have been (1) Sport: 60 seconds of push ups, and (2) Wellbeing: prepare a healthy home cooked meal.

The idea is to continue to deliver the Clontarf pillars in a healthy, interactive, and enjoyable manner. The Clontarf pillars include; Sport, Education, Leadership, Wellbeing, and Employment.

These are hugely challenging times for both parents and children in the household. We are encouraging the boys’ involvement in the home activities as a way to connect with parents/guardians and to have a short, healthy break from screen time each day.