Clontarf Breakfast

On Tuesday 14 May, the Port Macquarie Clontarf Academy put on a big breakfast to show appreciation for all the care and support that the mums continuously give towards the boys.

The morning started with an early training session, which saw one of the biggest turnouts for training yet. Well done boys for getting involved and getting the bodies moving early, earning the big breakfast that followed.

Thanks to the mothers who came along, arriving as training finished. It was great to see the support and the involvement from the mums as well as some school staff members, including the new principal, Meaghan Cook.

Many of the boys helped during the morning, from serving food for the mums, washing up dishes, and making all feel very welcome to the Clontarf Academy room. The BBQ was definitely put through its paces and it was great to see no leftovers.

Thanks to all involved with a successful morning!