Fish cooking

More than ever it is important for our Indigenous boys to practice healthy daily habits and routines. We are noticing that the students who stick to a daily routine for online learning, who have boundaries around social-media and gaming and who balance their study time with some outdoor exercise, are the same students that are maintaining a positive attitude. They are also more likely to use the support available to help with their class work and assessments.

So what are some of the ways that Clontarf has adapted to the ‘new-normal’ that we are currently experiencing?

  • Morning training sessions are now delivered online via staff-led work-outs.
  • Weekly activities have now become online ‘home-challenges’ which the boys are encouraged to complete, with prizes awarded for consistent efforts.
  • Clontarf staff are now checking-in and supporting wellbeing and classwork via home visits, phone calls and texts to students and parents. Some students are opting for online help with classwork via zoom, and there have been a couple of boys that have come in to the academy room for assistance with their subject work.

All of the contact and interaction with academy members is being recorded to give us an indication of how best to support each boy during this time.