I was one of 18 students who were privileged enough to go to this year’s City2Surf Fun Run.  I don’t think words can explain how much fun I have had in Sydney. It was literally one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  Our weekend was jam packed with so many things including going to Brighton Le-Sands and meeting Rob De Castella and the team of 12 indigenous runners who will be running the New York marathon in less than two months.  I listened to some very inspiring speeches by people who started ‘rough and running’ and how it has truly helped them.  The resilience they showed was astonishing.  One of the athletes tried out for the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) seven times! He never gave up and in the end, he was accepted. After listening to Rob and the 12 athletes we walked a couple of hundred meters to La Piazza for the most delicious dinner. 

Sunday morning saw us with a chilly early start and making preparations for the WORLD’S BIGGEST FUN RUN.  As we approached Hyde Park we all saw some unusual costumes which people run in.  Then we walked elbow to elbow with around 84,00 people to the start line  With cold hands and a frozen nose, we waited for the countdown to start and like the buzzer rang and a herd of humans were off.   We ran/walked to about halfway until the bad boy (Heart Break Hill) loomed into my vision.  Running up it was definitely the heartbreak but was the best bit due to the view we enjoyed of the city. It was stunning!  Running the downhill was a relief.  A 3kms left everybody’ flew into my ears faster than Steve Moneghetti finished.  The 3km was nearly over, around the bend and I saw the finish arch.  I'd finished.  I did it!  Then we were fortunate enough to eat with the IMP.  Then home time it was.  It was the best time and I very much recommend you should give it a go.  The view, the feeling, the adrenalin, just the environment.  It was a once in a lifetime trip.

Story by Faith Fotheringham.  For more photos go to Hastings Secondary College Facebook page.