The annual City2Surf is about fun, fitness and being a part of the community. 

That is precisely what our Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus team achieved when they travelled to Sydney to participate in the 48th running of this world-renowned event. 

The team headed off early on Saturday morning, keen and enthusiastic for the big event. 

The minibus trip down was filled with multiple games of “Mafia” and was ably led by Ms Bourke. The debating skills of Tayla Dures and Ethan Montgomery were highly noted during this, and there was no doubt that they both have a future career in the legal profession. 

Upon arrival in Sydney, there was a little time for shopping, followed by dinner and a presentation by various speakers from the Indigenous Marathon Foundation, including “Deadly Ninja” Jack Wilson as well as Australian marathon legend and IMF Director Robert de Castella. Our Clontarf Director, Charlie Maher, was able to organise this highly valued presentation. 

While some students were hoping to achieve a personal best time the following day, others were just wanting to have fun and soak up the atmosphere of the big run. However, following the presentation, all were inspired to run just a little bit harder. 

Sunday saw the group head off early to slog it out on the 14-kilometre run. It was indeed a fantastic event, with all the students soaking up the atmosphere on the course as well as during the recovery at Bondi. Special thanks to the supervising teachers, Ms Bourke, Charlie Maher and Zane Spark (who also assisted with our Clontarf students).

Congratulations to our team members.


  • Eva Wells 105.32 
  • Skye Vaughan 95.08
  • Jamie Henry 121.53 
  • Tahli Enfield 95.08 
  • Tayla Dures 131.30
  • Kayle Enfield 65.30 
  • Ethan Montgomery 59.40 
  • Oliver Barry 60.37 
  • Lewis Kranitis 73.22 
  • Matt Covetz 67.43 
  • Rylan Hunt 109.51 
  • Noah Binge 93.20 
  • Tyler Green 70.58 


  • Charlie Maher 59.17 
  • Geoff Duck 76.23 
  • Jo Bourke 207.07
Ethan Montgomery

Congratulations to Ethan Montgomery who was the fastest student in the school team. Ethan went into the race to prove to himself how far and fast he could go.  He also wanted to spend some time with his friends. 

Two years ago Ethan did the race with his grandmother, and this was his first time running with the school. 

The race exceeded his expectations. He was proud of how well he did and enjoyed all the other activities that were part of the excursion. Ethan liked exploring Sydney the day before the race especially Darling Harbour and Paddy’s Market. 

The team had dinner at Darling Harbour that night with Ethan carb loading with the Wagyu Beef Burger. Ethan was particularly impressed by the opportunity the students had to meet the Indigenous Marathon Foundation. 

He met Robert de Castello, who later shook his hand at the end of the race. Ethan finished the race in 59 minutes 40 seconds. 

Ethan started in the yellow group, this was the last group to run the race. This meant he had to weave around and overtake many other runners and walkers. 

We estimate that he ran over two kilometres extra. He found Heartbreak Hill a challenge but decided just to keep going as fast as he could. In the last two kilometres he felt that his legs had gone but kept going by thinking about those who inspired him.

His hero is Muhammad Ali not only because of his sporting abilities but because of his work for civil rights. He had to sprint the last 40 metres to get under the hour. 

His mate, Lewis Kranitis, had given him that goal. Ethan had already had a hectic week doing Hospitality work placement at Café 66 on top of his part-time job at Amcal Pharmacy. Ethan was sore on Monday but glad that he had challenged himself and achieved his goals.