care packs

On Monday 21 October Year 7 and Year 8 Eco Textiles presented care packs made with love to Community Partnerships Outreach Worker, Alison Neale.

A new elective program for years 7 and 8” Eco Textiles” involves recycling and repurposing. The purpose of the program is for students to use their sample work to put together something that they can give to others – a gift to someone less fortunate. Students choose to sew fabric envelopes with toiletry items and donated to Liberty Cottage.

Alison spoke to students about Liberty Cottage and thanked students for their care packs telling students that often some women present at Liberty with absolutely nothing. When a woman takes the brave step to flee a violent relationship, often leaving with very little and very quickly without packing, these care packs beautifully presented in a student made fabric envelope will be very special to these women.

Alison said we would advise our ladies that students have made the packs. The homemade care bag is touching for our ladies. It makes them feel as if they are in a community that cares and has that personal touch to make them feel everything is ok, and there are people out there who care.

Liberty will start to hand out handmade care packs this week. We look forward to a continued partnership in future years.

The Eco Textiles class will continue their engagement with charity organisations to deconstruct and reconstruct textile garments for sustainability and educational purposes in an excursion next week.

care packs