Bun fundraiser

This year in conjunction with Bakers Delight Port Central, Westport Campus P&C Association is organising a Hot Cross Bun drive to raise money for our campus.

$2.50 of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to your campus. The buns are the same price as sold by Baker’s Delight, $7.50 for 6, so why not buy them through the campus and help us raise some dough!

We would like to encourage everyone to gather as many orders as possible. Order for yourself, friends, family or neighbours – all orders will be very welcome!

The hot cross bunds from Bakers Delight are well known for their quality. Varieties include traditional, chocolate chip and apple and cinnamon. The Hot Cross Buns are guaranteed to be baked fresh the day you receive them. Can’t decide? Why not order a pack of each? Hot Cross Buns can be frozen for up to 4 months, so remember to stock up for the Easter period.

Simply fill in attached order form indicating how many and which flavour Hot Cross Buns you would like to order. Bring your order form, placed in an envelope with full payment and place in the P&C fundraising box at your Campus by no later than Thursday 2 April.

The orders will be ready for collection on Wednesday 8 April Lunch 2 outside the canteen.

We thank you in advance for supporting our Easter Fundraiser.