breakfast club

The Port Macquarie campus runs a Breakfast Club each morning from 7am till 8.30pm.  

This year is proving to be one of the busiest since its inception in 2015.  Chris Rose (a local musician and Youth Worker is there to greet teenagers and assist with preparation of delicious gourmet menu of cheese and ham toasties, ham and cheese toasties and plain cheese toasties. Chris is supported by a great group of parents, grandparents and community members.  It is a credit to our students for their good manners and courteous behaviour towards our volunteers and each other.

This year over 150 students regularly enjoy a breakfast. They come along for a number of reasons but social interaction with their peers is a major factor.   The vibe is positive and one of social inclusion, this enables students to attend to their learning with an increased focus. Students commence their day with a positive attitude, often with improved attendance.

A massive thanks is extended to a range of local businesses including Ricardo’s Tomatoes, Urban Bakery, Bells Bakery and Burkhardt’s.  A huge shout to REAP who have wrapped around our Breakfast Club with daily delivery of bread.