The 2019 Annual Westport Campus Athletics Carnival was a huge success with both the weather and competition on the day. Students thoroughly enjoyed the carnival, demonstrated through their participation in a mix of competitive and novelty events.

Highlights of the day included Bukari proving too strong and winning the annual tug of war competition over Weira and a new Speedball record for both male and female when Ryan Bray threw a tennis ball at a speed of 122km/h and Hannah Faux broke her record from 2018 with a throw of 116km/h.

The Senior Boys Chicken Throw record was broken by Joel McManus and Mykah Invelito, who both threw 32 metres.

Outstanding individual efforts by aspiring young athletes saw some of our school records being broken.  There was also plenty of fun and excitement had on all levels in the Egg and Spoon, 3 Legged and Sack Races throughout the day.

House Results

1st Bukari 964                     2nd Weira 959                     3rd Kula 805                         4th Talwong 261

School Records

Fantastic results with quite a few school records broken on the day. Congratulations to the following students:

Brindley White:    12 Years Discus 22.5m

Kaiyl O’Brien:        13 Years 800m 3:02.78

Kaitlin Jean:           12-14 Years 1500m 6:34.47

Amba Korvemaa: 12-15 Years Triple Jump 8.84m, 14 Years 800m 2:58.78

Tiarni Zerafa:        12-15 Years MC Long Jump 3.04m12-15 Years MC Shot Put 4.81m, 12-15 Years MC 800m 4:53.13, 12-15 Years MC 200m 39.09

Georgia Cordell:   12-15 Years MC Discus 11.30m

Carmen Gowen:   16-19 Years MC Discus 9.31m16-19 Years MC Shot Put 7.37m

Logan Goold:          12-15 Years MC Javelin 16.95m

Tempany Murray: 12-15 Years MC Javelin 7.10m12-15 Years MC 100m 17.84

Morgan Jean:         16-19 Years MC Shot Put 9.55m, 16-19 Years MC 100m 13.69, 16-19 Years MC 200m 28.25

Chloe Briggs:          12-15 Years MC 800m 5:51.21

Kaal White:              12-15 Years MC 800m 3:15.52

Boys 14 Years 4x100m Relay: Kula 60.75

Girls 15 Years 4x100m Relay: Weira 63.99

Boys 16 Years 4x100m Relay: Bukari 55.31

Age Champions

                                                 Age Champion                           Runner-Up

12 Years Female              Brindley White                           Montanna Simpson

12 Years Male                   Ben Webster                              Joel Carter

13 Years Female              Kaiya O’Brien/Summer Cambourne                                        

13 Years Male                   Blake Cordell                              Jack Stevenson/Asher Rootes

14 Years Female               Amba Korvemaa                       Tiffany Carstairs

14 Years Male                    Cameron Halmi                         Flynn Hull

15 Years Female               Lauren Jean                                  Pheobie Brown

15 Years Male                    Ben Brogden                                Noah Hickling

16 Years Female               Chloe Templeman                      Shontai Fernando

16 Years Male                    Connor Griffin                             Elliot Francis

17+ Years Female             Danielle Aylett                            Britney Bosschieter

17+ Years Male                 Adam Wall                                     Coen Wright

13 Years MC Female      Tiarni Zerafa

13 Years MC Male            Harrison Smith

14 Years MC Females    Tempany Murray                        Tammy Briggs

14 Years MC Male           Kaal White

15 Years MC Male           Desmond Slade

16 Years MC Female      Chloe Briggs                                Carmen Gowan

17+ Years MC Male        Morgan Jean                                Jayden Simmons