atheletics carnival

A magnificent winter day greeted students to our 2019 Athletics Carnival. With a wash out last Wednesday for the half day, the program was jam packed for students. Participation and House spirit were clearly evident throughout the day as well as some outstanding individual achievements

Digby Pollard defied gravity to break the long jump record by an amazing 60cm which is unbelievable considering we have results going back to the 1960’s. Jacob Toning also jumped beautifully to also narrowly eclipse the previous mark. Digby also broke his own Triple Jump record

The winning House was Flynns after a scores were almost tied late in the day. Some events like the 400 and 1500 were run subsequent to the main Carnival and strong performances tilted the scores away from Towns who were gallant in defeat

The Age Champions were:

12 Years

Lily Taylor and  Danny Barratt

13 Years

Annalise Woodham and Evan Pitt

14 Years

Nikayla Burns and Jordan Thompson

15 Years

Olivia Mara and  Digby Pollard

16 Years

Anita Luangamath and Brodie Knott

17 + Years

Skye Vaughan and Tom Woodham

 A separate report for the Zone Carnival is in this newsletter and a strong team will represent at the Regional Carnival next Term