Leadership Team

Today it is a great honour to be able to announce the student leadership team for Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus 2020.

The selection process over the past week involved a detailed voting process involving students and staff, and included candidate speeches in from of the whole school.

The campus would like to acknowledge Mrs Underwood and Mrs Apthorpe and their team for their support of a process that allows students to be an active part of the Westport Campus leadership team.

We certainly have a stunning array of strong and decisive leadership skills on display in our student body and we look forward to their commitment to contributing to the campuses ongoing success.

Leadership and particularly student leadership is an incredibly significant role within the school, not just on the campus but also in the community. Giving students a voice is an important aspect in our successful functioning of a school community such as ours.

The school leaders that were inducted today now have the opportunity to continue to develop their leadership skills and to represent Westport Campus community in a way that will allow us all to shine.

Congratulations to our 2020 leadership team on your selection:


  • Boy Captain - Travis Chandley-Pascoe
  • Girl Captain - Imogene Salt
School captains

Vice Captains

  • Boy Vice Captain - Phoenix Nincsics
  • Girl Vice Captain - Amy De Hann
Vice Captains

Leadership Team

  • Liam Halmi
  • Aimee Couell
  • Adam Wall
  • Josh Edwards
  • Naomi Johnson-Sullivan
  • Jacob Wheadon
  • Chloe Briggs
  • Elliott Francis
  • Jessika Helmers
  • Imala Smith
  • Shannon Abbott
  • Pheobie Brown