Hastings Secondary College has specific local enrolment areas. 

These areas are determined by the Department of Education. Students enrol in campuses based on their home address. 

We can help you with your enrolment enquiries anytime throughout the year.

Year 6 into Year 7 enrolments

If your child is currently enrolled in Year 6, and you wish to apply to enrol in our College in Year 7 of the following year, contact your local campus to obtain a Year 7 Expression of Interest form.

Year 7 to Year 12 enrolments

If your child is currently enrolled in another public or non-government high school, and you wish to apply to enrol in our College, contact us to obtain an  Expression of Interest form.  

Out-of-area enrolments

Schools may accept enrolments from outside their designated area if places are available. Such applications are subject to the selection criteria and department policies. Contact the school for further information about their out-of-area selection criteria.

If the demand for local enrolment exceeds the number of places available, out-of-area enrolments will not be available.

The department collects information to ensure a smooth enrolment process.

Temporary visa or visitor visa

If your child has a temporary visa or visitor visa, you will first need to apply to enrol by contacting the temporary resident's program who will give you forms to bring to our College.

Special Circumstances

To ensure a smooth enrolment, it is essential that you advise the College if your child has any special circumstances, learning needs, allergies, health or medical conditions before your child commences.

Enrolment Enquiries

For further information on transition, please contact Michelle Garven, Head Teacher College via email.

Enrolment Form

Please fill out the form below. This form will be directed to the Head Teacher Hastings Secondary College who will contact you shortly.

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Child(ren) to be enrolled details
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