Year 7 Information

Years ago in Year 7 you did every subject for a short period to see if you liked something you may not previously have considered. Is there still opportunity to try different subjects?

The short answer is yes. Students experience lots of different subjects throughout Years 7 and 8. Whilst they do Mathematics, English Science, History, PDHPE, Japanese and Geography, students will rotate around the practical subjects such as Metals, Food Technology, Timber, Textiles, Computing and Agriculture. Hastings Secondary College also offers further choice to try subjects in Academies (1 Year) or PIP classes (6 months, though can extend into 1 Year).

Do students transition between campuses for lessons from Year 7?

NO, students are based at their “home” campus from Years 7 to 10 for their lessons. On occasion we join some groups together for a unique activity, event or learning experience. For example Zenith students have met together for a Cross Campus project, students may join a team at another campus if they cannot create one at both, Naidoc Day is celebrated together, some excursions travel together such as Schools Spectacular, Bago Mini Muddies and Lady Elliott  Island.

If I have any further questions could I come in and see the school and have any questions answered?

Yes, for Year 6 into Year 7 we open the campuses especially for you.

Monday 11 May - Westport Campus
Wednesday 13 May - Port Macquarie Campus

You can organise a school tour at

You can ask questions via our website at

Is the Year Adviser the same in the next year?

Your Year Adviser/s will stay with Year 7 when they go into Year 8 and then all the way through to Year 12. It is a position that lasts for six years.

Is there a Year 7 camp?

Yes at both campuses, they may be at different times and to different places but they are both heaps of FUN and a great way to MAKE FRIEND and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS in Year 7.

Do we have one normal class like primary?

You will be allocated a class for your core subjects of Science, English, Geography, Japanese, History and PDHPE. This class will have the same classmates but different rooms and teachers. You may have some different classmates in Mathematics, Music, Visual Arts, Technology subjects and Academy/PIP classes. This might sound confusing but everyone at the College will help you learn this quite quickly.

Academies, Zenith and PIP classes

Is Creative Industries band or can you do band anyway?

In Creative Industries you can choose Music, Dance Art or Drama, students are asked to pick a major and minor subject from these though will be exposed to them all at some stage. Depending on the group they may form a small band, dance group or Drama group. Band is extra-curricular and held either at Lunch or after school. You can do either or both.

Once an academy has been selected, do you have to remain in the Academy for your whole school life-span or can this be changed annually?

Annually is correct. We ask Academy students to commit to a 1 Year program, many choose to continue for a second, third or even fourth year. Academies do not continue into Year 11 and 12, though you can specialise in Academy subjects in your senior years (they just are not called academies).

Can you tell us more about the Zenith program?

Yes. Find out more at

Some of the experiences for our Zenith classes. Project links Garden, sustainability etc.

Are the Academy and PIP subjects the same in Year 8?

Academies remain the same in Year 7 and 8.

PIP classes - some will change and others will be new/different. It depends mainly on the choices students make and to some extent the staff expertise available.

Can you leave Zenith if you aren’t enjoying it?

Yes this is possible, however to this day no student has ever done this.

How many PIP’s can you have?

Students can only do 1 PIP class each semester. During Year 7 and 8 this means you can do as many as 4.

I have heard you are very good for students in your Zenith program, but not for students out of the Zenith program. What do you say to this?

We are proud to share positive news stories about our Zenith program. It is unique to our College and we are pleased that there is growing understanding of the Zenith Program in our community and with our Year 6 families.

Our commitment however is to all students: Hastings Secondary College knows, values and grows every child.

There is a multitude of opportunities at the College and they are open to every student to participate in, get involved, to help them find or follow their passion, their interests or talents. Extra-curricular groups, teams and “get togethers” are inclusive of every single student enrolled at Hastings Secondary College. Some teams, like sports or debating may have “try-outs” others welcome everyone into “the group”. If your child try’s out and then misses out, encourage them to have another go next year when they get older, stronger or build their skills. Students who “get involved” have a much happier and more successful secondary school experience.

In the classroom, teachers have information on every child which assists them in getting to know your child. In turn, this guides their teaching and learning practice. Successful, innovative practices that have been collaboratively developed by our Zenith teachers are shared with all staff and are spreading to other classes.

Cross Campus

How do students do subjects at both campuses?

Firstly, this is only in Year 11 and 12. In Year 10 students select subjects for their senior education. Some of these will be at the other campus (we currently limit this to two). These lessons are either in the first or last period of the day.

If the lesson is during period 1, students start at the other campus, students can walk, catch their bus or their parents can drop them off. At the end of the lesson is Roll Call/Connect/Pastoral care. In this time a taxi will arrive and take students back to their home campus and then students go to period 2. If it is the last period a taxi picks you up at lunch, drives you over and after the lesson you walk, catch the bus or are picked up by parents to go home.

Can I do subjects at both campuses?

Yes, in Years 11 and 12.

Supported Learning/Students with special needs

What supports are there for children with high special needs?

Students with a disability may be enrolled in the Supported Learning Units at one of the Campuses.

Students with special needs are catered for through adjustments or modifications to their learning tasks and would have an Individual Learning Plan. These are developed by the school in consultation with parents and students. Teachers who have your child in their class use this to guide the learning for your child.

If my child has an additional need, how do I let the College know?

Please feel free to contact Michelle Garven the College Head Teacher . She oversees Year 6 to 7 transition and can assist in getting you in contact with the right person to assist your child.


What is the main philosophy of Hastings Secondary College?

Every students is known, valued and cared for in our College.

One College Many Opportunities.

Excellence Innovation Opportunity Success - our College statement helps guides our teaching, learning and future directions.

We are proud to uphold our NSW Public School core values:

INTEGRITY: Being consistently honest and trustworthy.

EXCELLENCE:  Striving for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of schooling and individual and community action, work and life-long learning.

RESPECT:  Having regard for yourself and others, lawful and just authority and diversity within Australian society and accepting the right of others to hold different or opposing views.

RESPONSIBILITY:  Being accountable for your individual and community's actions towards yourself, others and the environment.

COOPERATION: Working together to achieve common goals, providing support to others and engaging in peaceful resolution of conflict.

PARTICIPATION: Being a proactive and productive individual and group member, having pride in and contributing to the social and economic wealth of the community and the nation.

CARE: Concern for the wellbeing of yourself and others, demonstrating empathy and acting with compassion.

FAIRNESS: Being committed to the principles of social justice and opposing prejudice, dishonesty and injustice.

DEMOCRACY: Accepting and promoting the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of being an Australian citizen.

What are the school hours?

8.15am to 2.15pm, the office will be attended from 7.55am until 2.45pm.

In Year 11 and 12 some extension classes are after school.

Homework Centre/Club is after school and so are many extra-curricular groups such as Games club, Dance Company and some bands.

How do I join Clontarf?

Joining is easy, students simply need to ask and then parent approval and a contract are signed.

How do you deal with Bullying in the school?

Bullying is not tolerated in any form. Importantly, remember that incidents need to be reported in order for the situation to be dealt with, a perpetrator is unlikely to do these behaviours within the sight or hearing of staff. Please be mindful that this word can be used quite loosely by individuals to cover a range of experiences, always contact the school if you are concerned, earlier rather than later.

What are the Uniform prices?

Our uniform shop is run by volunteers at Westport Campus and Office staff at Port Macquarie Campuswhich assists in keeping prices as affordable as possible whilst ensuring a quality uniform that is durable enough for daily use.

Pricing reflects the cost charged by suppliers. Pricing among different suppliers is constantly being reviewed, to ensure the best prices.

EFTPOS facilities are available and families may also arrange a lay-by system with the uniform shop.

Hastings Secondary College is developing a second hand supply of uniforms, though this is small due to the 2016 change to a new uniform. Please inquire if you are interested.

Anyone experiencing financial difficulties should contact the Senior Administrative Manager in our front office/s. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Is breakfast club just for kids?

Breakfast club is a great resource available to our students.

Subject information /Curriculum

Do you do Physics as a topic?

Yes, aspects of Physics are in the Year 7 to 10 Science classes. In Year 11 and 12 you can do Physics as a single subject.

Do both campuses offer Language and at which campus, which year and what language?

The language taught at both campuses is Japanese. This is compulsory in Stage 4 (Year 7/8). There are also elective options in Year 8 at Westport Campus and Year 9/10 at both campuses, if enough students want to continue learning Japanese. We also have a sister school Okadama Senior High School from Sapporo a city in Japan who visit every year.

What kind of Art do you have?

We offer all of the Creative and Performing Arts subjects including Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance through regular lessons and our Creative Industries Academy. There are also lots of extra-curricular opportunities in the Creative and performing Arts. Photography and Digital Imaging is a senior subject.

“Film by… the Breakwall” is a short film festival hosted by the College which includes our primary schools. The inaugural festival is this year

How hard is the Mathematics?

All subjects should challenge you whilst still being achievable, that’s part of learning. For example, remember back to Year 2, mathematics was new and probably challenging, now Year 2 mathematics is easy…

If you experience difficulty, ask your teacher or parents for help or ask to be shown a different strategy. Go to the Homework Centre or club for help. Keep asking until you understand.

What type of Science do you teach (I love science)?

 In years 7 to 10 you will have a Science class as one of your subjects. This course broadly covers different disciplines of Science. In year 11 and 12 students can choose 3 choices from the Science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Investigating Science and Physics. There is also an additional Extension Course in Year 12.

Do we do outdoor work/hands on work?

Yes, lots of subjects are practical such as Art, PE, Science, Timber, metals, Home Economics and more. However, it is important to know that there is also lots of work on your skills in writing, numeracy, reading, teamwork, cooperation, knowledge and understanding.


What is the Europe study group?

Every two years we offer a European Study Tour for our senior students in Ancient History, Modern history and Visual Arts. They tour places such as Rome, Pompeii, France, Belgium and Germany visiting famous battle sites, museums, war cemeteries and famous icons like the Eiffel Tower. Parents sometimes join us.

Do you have a debating team?

Yes, both campuses have debating teams, see the English faculty when you start at our College to sign up.

What day is Lego League?

I think you mean when do Lego League teams meet. This is decided between the team members (you) and the supervising teacher. Teams can meet at lunch breaks and/or after school. You may even have an “in-school” excursion to work on the project for a day.

Do you have Cheer Leading?

Unfortunately no.

Is there gymnastics?

We don’t teach gymnastics or have a club, we leave that to our local expert club. If you would like to compete in inter-school gymnastics, that’s fantastic - see the Sport staff and ask them to help.

Do you have golf as a sport?

Sometimes, but not very often. Golf is very difficult to staff and supervise. We sometimes have sport at the driving range and Putt Putt.

What year do you have to be in for Robotics?

Any year from 7 to 12. We have even had some Year 6 brothers and sisters as well as many parents, turn up to help and get involved.


How does the College communicate with parents?

Reports: Parents receive reports twice a year.

Year 7 and 8 COAL Scores: The College Ongoing Attitude to Learning (COAL) Score is a method of providing regular feedback to parents / carers, on their child’s application to the learning process.  The COAL score initiative is a supplementary method of providing more regular feedback.

Newsletter: There is a fortnightly electronic newsletter at each campus.

Parent Portal: Once you are enrolled you will also be sent an email inviting you to log into the parent portal at your child’s campus. This gives you access to view attendance and explain absences, access timetables and online parent-teacher bookings. We are continually looking to expand the information available here.

Facebook page: The Facebook page can be accessed without being “on” or registered in Facebook, using Google. This includes College events, good news and information.

SMS: SMS messages are used attendance notifications. It is occasionally used for very important announcements or emergencies.


Permission notes and some letters: These will continue to be sent as paper copies for signatures.