Hastings Secondary College offers a range of targeted sports programs at each campus. Campus sport provides students opportunities to build a strong identity and culture of excellence. 

Traditional values of respect, fairness, responsibility, and resilience are developed as part of students’ participation.

Campus sport is often a partnership between the campus and local community organisations, which work together to develop students’ abilities and foster student aspirations for exciting and rewarding lives.

Sport and physical education improve students’ concentration, memory, behaviour and academic performance. Each campus offers programs designed to maximise participation, enjoyment and personal reward.

Campus sport can involve competition within the campus or between schools. Students can compete on their campus in a regular weekly program. Students have the opportunity to participate in inter-school sport. Students are encouraged to develop new skills and pursue excellence in their performance.

Students who excel in sporting endeavours also have opportunities to participate in state representative teams at national School Sport Australia events. These opportunities offer students access to specialised coaching and expertise that supports the development of their performance capabilities by competing against students from across Australia. They allow students to continue to learn at national competition level and offer an educational pathway into elite sports participation.

Students can select from the variety of other sporting options also available to all students in years 7 to 10. Students also have an opportunity to do a sporting exchange with Westport Campus and a Year 7 Sports Day. The details of these sports include:

Sport is a required part of the campus curriculum for years 7 to 11. In Term 3 year 11 complete their HSC preparation course online instead of sport. Attendance and participation are compulsory. Please do not arrange medical visits, shopping trips, etc. instead of sport. If an appointment with a medical or dental practitioner is unavoidable, students will be asked to produce the appointment card when applying at the office for a leave pass. An attempt is made to provide experience in all types of sports, so those children have a sound basis for choosing a sport for outside leisure and pleasure. If due to sickness or injury, the student is unable to participate in sport, he/she will attend the supervised non-sport group.  The parent or guardian should provide a note.

Students can select from a wide diversity of options from the very active to more passive activities.

Year 7 students complete a set programme for Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Appropriate sports uniform attire is expected for sports activities.

Sports costs range from no charge up to $15 (Learn to Surf). The following team and individual sports and recreational activities may be offered to students.




Lawn Bowls


Ten Pin Bowling


Dark Zone

Learn to Surf





Life Saving



Body Boarding


Martial Arts



Boxing Training




Weight Training


Hydro Golf

Rugby Union





Scuba Diving

Target Shooting



Students are offered the opportunity to represent the campus in organised inter-school and zone organised sports. Sport Times: Wednesday – Period 5 for Years 7 to 11