Hastings Secondary College provides the opportunity for students to be part of the Vocal and Choir program. 

The program offers as many students as possible with the chance to experience a positive choral experience.

From the youngest and most inexperienced singer through to highly accomplished and well-trained performers in Year 12, students can be part of a progressive choral program that caters for vocalists of all levels.

Singing by itself is already awesome! Every singer knows the fulfillment of being able to compose beautiful music. However, to be able to sing with a group – that’s another magical feeling. 

The wonders of hearing so many voices yet it’s just one beautiful sound – such a beautiful harmony! It’s always a joy to watch and listen to a choir perform. And probably it’s even more amazing if you are part of it.

Students are provided the opportunity to be part of productions, CAPA nights, assemblies and community events.

How do you join your Campus Choir?

Curious, interested in being part of it! If you have previously thought that choir is just about singing, this is your chance to expose yourself to a different choir experience!

  • Discover the power of your voice - the exciting thing about singing is discovering your hidden capabilities. Joining your campus choir program is an excellent opportunity to find out what your voice can do.
  • Harmony - being part of a choir group is a creates a compelling experience. The performance success depends on the how the group can work together.
  • Performance Flexibility - Our teaching staff at our campuses expose students to different music genres and styles from classical to hip-hop, soul, acapella and much more!
  • Performance Technique - provides students with the confidence to deliver on stage. Teachers will mentor students through the process of how to develop and deliver a piece, learning performance techniques which also increase your confidence too.
  • Meeting people - Being part of a choir program is a great way to meet new people too.
  • No one is left behind - the choir is inclusive from beginners to accomplished performers and is an excellent opportunity to learn from student and teacher mentors.
  • So don’t you think it’s about time to join the choir program now? Come on! Let’s go! You deserve to experience this one of a kind choir program!

Our passionate and experienced Music teachers support and develop the talents of students who are talented and enthusiastic in their chosen musical interest. This includes groups, bands, and ensembles; they promote the specific musical interests of your child with opportunities for formal and informal performances. Contact your music directors on each campus.

Port Macquarie Campus - Mr Stewart Heddles Ph: 6583 1844

Westport Campus - Ms Mel Bone - Ph: 6583 6400