NSW SES Secondary Schools Cadet Program is committed to enlisting the next generation of volunteers by encouraging young Australians to get involved in the NSW SES through the Cadet Program or by joining a local NSW SES Unit directly from the age of 16.

The aim of the Cadet Program for Secondary Schools is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to achieve an understanding of the NSW State Emergency Service and its role in the community. 

The specific goals of the program are:

  • To provide progressive, interesting and challenging training that encourages the development of positive personal and team characteristics among participants
  • To encourage the idea of achieving success in life through the spirit of service to Australia and commitment within the local community
  • To provide an understanding of the NSW State Emergency Service and other Emergency Service agencies

The program consists of activity-based sessions over 5 full consecutive school days. Activities are primarily conducted on campus, with an excursion to a local NSW SES Unit and a local emergency service centre, and will conclude with an off-site activity day.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Introduce students to the NSW SES.
  • Provide students with a wide variety of skills and knowledge that will help build resilience and equip them with life skills.
  • Provide skills for working within the emergency services sector.
  • Develop students’ skills in Leadership, Teamwork, Communication and Safety.
  • Build confidence and give a sense of achievement.
  • Encourage the spirit of volunteering in the community.

Cadets are supplied with a NSW SES backpack and personal protective equipment (PPE). Upon reaching the age of 16 any person can apply to join a NSW SES Unit. Former cadets will have a distinct advantage of joining a NSW SES Unit due to the relevant training they have received in the Cadet Program.

For more information on the cadet program contact your campus.