Students have the opportunity to be part of our Bands and Ensemble Program. The programs are conducted by professional, experienced conductors, who guide their students in aspects of ensemble and band playing, developing an appreciation of different kinds of music and performance experience.

Through membership in a band or ensemble, students develop self-discipline, improved self-esteem, commitment, and team spirit.

Hastings Secondary College Concert Band is a College ensemble encompassing the long and proud tradition of Port Macquarie campus’s concert band and Westport campus’s instrumentalists. The Ensemble performs at many events both within the school community and state events such as Education Week. We also host many touring professional bands and ensembles.

The Hastings Secondary College Concert Band has been a proud member of the Hasting Valley Community of Schools Hatchlings Big Band and is eagerly anticipating working with younger instrumentalists from our partner primary schools.

Hastings Secondary College Jazz Band was initiated due to the overwhelming numbers of highly developed instrumentalist students I the Concert band. Jazz Band gives them the opportunity to experience performing within a professional band environment. The diverse repertoire, suitable for many occasions, has given the Jazz Band priority invitations for many events, always received with high accolades. 

Port Macquarie Campus Stage Band This ensemble provides an introduction to jazz and more contemporary repertoire at the high school level.

Students in this group usually belong to the Concert Band and begin learning about the differences between those groups and performing jazz.  Stage Band members will develop improvisation techniques whilst also covering aspects of jazz articulation and phrasing in ensemble settings. They have selected performances throughout the year, both at school events and within the local community.

HATCH Big Band

HATCH Big Band formed in 2013 and is one of our prestigious Public School enrichment bands. It started due to interest from students and their band/music teachers to extend the skills and performance opportunities of our very talented music students.

HATCH stands for Hastings And The Camden Haven and includes students from Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus and Port Macquarie Campus. It involves students from Year 7 to HSC students.

They have had a significant impact on our local community, around Australia and internationally. Further, International and nationally acclaimed conductors have workshopped regularly with HATCH.

Hatch Big Band performed to wide acclaim at Port Macquarie’s BIG BAND BLAST festival every year from the inaugural event.

Hatchlings Big Band evolved from the HATCH Big band to develop the talents of younger instrumentalists from both our primary and secondary schools in the Hastings Valley Community of Schools. These talented young musicians attend an enrichment camp annually and perform at our ceremony of Excellence, Big Band Blast and Christmas concerts.

Hatchlings is an excellent musical opportunity and a transition band from primary to secondary education. Students in this band are from Year 4 (10 years).