Sista connection

Sista Connections is a Aboriginal Girls program focussed on empowering Aboriginal women to be leaders and role models of the future. The program provides academic support, empowerment through entrepreneurialism and employment, wellbeing, and community connections. The program is anchored in the values of:

  • Respect
  • Personal Best
  • Resilience
  • Leadership

The program will commence Term 4 2020, with further information sent to parents and carers early September. Sista's from both campuses will learn more about:

  • Build self-esteem as a result of gaining new skills and knowledge                                                                          
  • Gain their sense of identity – who they are
  • Be confident and proud of themselves
  • To connect positive choices about education and future careers prospects
  • Homework club
  • Assessment support
  • Traineeship opportunities
  • Senior pathway options
  • Women's business

Sista Connections program builds capacity of our girls, employability, mental health and wellbeing of our girls and pathways to senior success. Sista Connections in partnership with community equips our girls with the tools they need to engage in their education.

The program objectives are designed with an emphasis on:

  • Building friendships
  • Building resilience
  • Connection to community
  • Connection to self
  • Connection to culture
  • Increase in school attendance
  • Academic achievement and personal achievement
  • Improvement of Year 12 graduation rates
  • Facilitation of post-school transitions

Aboriginal Learning Hub

Hastings Secondary College prides itself on fostering a strong sense of belonging within the school community. Because of this, all members of the school community need to have an area where students can learn and connect in a significant cultural environment.

The Aboriginal Learning Hub inspires young people to build deeper connections to themselves and others in meaningful and authentic ways. Our educators build relationships to support learning and building of confidence of our students and parents.

There's much to learn from spending time in the Aboriginal Learning Hub and using powers of observation and connection to become aware, note changes and take affirmative action.

The Aboriginal learning Hub is open to students years 7 to 12. We have an Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer and an Aboriginal Education Support Officer. They work with students closely in and out of the classroom, encouraging and assisting our Aboriginal students through their education.

The Aboriginal Learning Hub is also a homework centre with the primary aim support and to encourage improvement levels (both academic and non-academic) for our Aboriginal students. Students that attend the hub are offered guidance and small group support. Some students like to participate in a quiet space to complete work, and others use the room to connect with like-minded students.

We actively encourage connection from outside organisations to come into the campus to support staff, students and families to overcome any barriers towards education and we have very successful outcomes based on this approach.