The nine public schools across the Port Macquarie-Hastings local government area work together cooperatively to deliver quality academic and wellbeing outcomes for over 4500 students in this community.  Together, we are known as Hastings Valley Community of Schools (HVCS)

The HVCS Principal Leadership team have and will continue to:

  • Enh​ance schools' educational delivery by sharing resources and expertise through instructional leadership
  • Streamline and strengthen transition pathways experienced by students and their families as they move from primary to secondary education
  • Develop programs across HVCS, curriculum is enhanced by learning alliances
  • Develop community partnerships and form positive relationships.
  • Provide staff with greater opportunities for professional development and sharing
  • Increase literacy and numeracy from K-12

Hastings Valley Community of Schools functions as a Local Management Group led by its nine Principals, operating in four strategic areas:-

  1. Curriculum, Engagement and Learning
  2. Aboriginal Engagement and Education
  3. Wellbeing​
  4. Community Engagement

Our collective values:

  • Growing
  • Caring
  • Quality Learning
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Opportunities

HVCS collaborate on combined initiatives such as the HVCS Ceremony of Excellence, Film by the Breakwall Film Festival, Education Week initiatives, guest speaker presentations for parents/carers and combined professional learning activities for staff designed to enhance the students learning experiences and grow the connectedness of the entire HVCS community.

We proudly promote the values of public education that are the basis of law, customs and care for others in our society.

HVCS share with families the values to shape attitudes to the changing circumstances and events encountered in everyday life and the responsibility in partnership with our parent community for teaching those values.

Hastings Valley Community of Schools (HVCS) consists of Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie and Westport Campuses, Port Macquarie Public School, Hastings Public School, Westport Public School, Telegraph Point Public School, Lake Cathie Public School,Tacking Point Public School, Upper Rolands Plain Public School.