The vision of the Hastings Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) is to provide advice on all matters relevant to education and training with the mandate that this advice represents the Aboriginal community viewpoint.

The services and programs offered through the Hastings AECG have significantly increased and their advocacy role supports many parents and community in accessing quality education and training.

The services the Hastings AECG offers have continued to grow with STEM and Robotics growing in popularity and the inclusion of Cultural Dance.

The Hastings AECG advises and advocates on public policy that impact and affects Aboriginal people and their communities’ access and opportunities.

Hastings Secondary College has signed a partnership agreement with the Hastings AECG which is a statement of intent of how we work together.

This partnership allows Aboriginal people to have a voice in self-determining their educational future which will impact on the future prosperity of Aboriginal communities.

The working together of the Hastings Secondary College and the Hastings AECG is strengthened, under this Partnership Agreement, to achieve common goals set in consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal communities. It recognises the critical need to work together, across the college, to achieve the aspirations and potential of Aboriginal learners.

The Partnership Agreement is also critically important in fostering collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in promoting a better understanding of our shared history, respect and acceptance of both cultures and recognition of the unique place Aboriginal people have in this country.

Both organisations are making clear and specific commitments to one another about what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it and work through the challenges as they arise.

All good relationships are built on honesty and openness. Hastings Secondary College acknowledges that we must genuinely consult and collaborate with local Aboriginal communities to ensure that the work we are doing in our campuses is responding to the education and training needs of Aboriginal people.

Hastings Secondary College teachers and students are involved in professional learning to understand more about connection to country and the Hastings Aboriginal community.

Both campuses host the Hasting AECG meetings and work closely with the strong connection and engagement with Aboriginal staff working at District Office. The College is always seeking advise, best practice and professional learning for Aboriginal students, staff and community.

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