When you graduate from Hastings Secondary College, you become a lifelong member of our alumni community and part of a diverse group of individuals across the globe. Hastings Secondary College is keen to stay in touch with its alumni community.  

We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our remarkable graduates and provide opportunities for our alumni community to gather, share and benefit from an ongoing connection to the College.

From time to time we host networking and professional development events, keep alumni up to date on the latest College news as well as provide opportunities for graduates to give back and assist in the development of our next generation of graduates and leaders in our community.

Former students of Hastings Secondary College are welcome to visit the campuses. If you would like to do this, please contact us to arrange a time when it would be mutually convenient.

Like our Facebook page and keep up-to-date with College news and events - we would love to stay in contact.

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Please tell us of your achievements, hobbies, travel, vivid membories of your time at Hastings Secondary College (Westport Campus/Port Macquarie Campus), ambitions, and any other information you would like to share to current students and former classmates and teachers.